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      Welcome to Hangzhou Shier Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd!
      Our company is a professional development, development, production of civilian dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, thermostats dehumidifiers, pipeline dehumidifiers, dehumidifier, constant temperature and humidity, temperature dehumidifiers and undertake a variety of dehumidification engineering design, installation of high-tech enterprises. Jointly supported by the joint efforts of colleagues and the community of all employees at the company, after four years of hard work, Hangzhou Shier Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. has developed into a mandatory international quality system certification through the national technical supervision departments 3C certification, and The CE certification of EU strength of enterprises, our products have received the "Hangzhou Famous Brand and Zhejiang Famous Brand, 3A grade enterprise" for his reputation.
      "For mountain rain Wind" in the face of global economic integration brings competitive pressure, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, "Shier Electric" will give full play to their strengths and deal with their own air temperature and humidity in the environment advanced experience, the joint forces of all sectors of society, through continuous innovation breakthroughs, to further enhance the company's core competitiveness, to produce a professional dehumidifier and peripheral products more suited to community needs, in order to "be tolerant to diversity, Yong forefront "The spirit of enterprise, more high morale, fighting the tide of the market economy, our cause into the wider world!
      We firmly believe that Shier Electric will become a shiny brand in China and the world dehumidification industry!
    We will do better with their peers harmonious coexistence and common development, and create a new round of brilliant!
    Shier Electric, make your life more exciting from this!
    Leaders and friends from various circles to you and look forward to the rapid development of Hangzhou Shier Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd express my sincere thanks!