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Household Dehumidifier SEL-1501D

2015/10/18 15:57:23
  • Category Civil Dehumidfier
  • Model SEL-1501D

Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters:

Model: SEL-1501D

Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Rated dehumidification power: 2000W

The maximum input power: 2300W

Air circulation: 1300m 3 /h

The refrigerant (R22) injection volume: 1.3KG

Noise: less than or equal to 60Db

Work environment temperature of 5---38

The condensation pressure MAX: 2.5Mpa

The vapor pressure of MAX; 1.0Mpa

Humidity control range: 30%---99%

Net / gross weight 70kg/75kg

Machine size: 500*600*1100

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